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Why use Structure Applications?
First & Only
The first and only structural optimization web application.
Save Millions of Dollars
Decrease structural weight by using artificial intelligence in design procedure.
Cloud Computing
Parallel processing by super computers help to find it in the fastest way.
Combine Science & Tech
Many scientific and practical engineering criteria can be considered on optimum result.
Because of delivering final model on CSI products, your structural safety is guaranteed.
Many constructability constraints is considered like dimensional relation between beam and column and etc.
Steel & Concrete
Wide range of steel and concrete structures can be optimized.
Wide range of structural models on ETABS and SAP2000 program can be imported.
Parametric Model
Some specific structures like trusses, space structures, excavation supporters and etc. can be modeled by parametric form, and optimized so fast.
Frequently Asked Questions?
Are the proposed structures (designed and optimized) less safe than conventional ones?
Optimization operations, although can reduce costs considerably, do not decrease the Structural safety. In fact, with this method, surplus materials are eliminated. In most cases, the use of these techniques not only does not undermine the performance of the structure, but also changes the structural load distribution , which will reduce serious damages. At the end of optimization process user get CSI (SAP2000 or ETABS) model of the structure which can tabulate any violation of design criteria.
Can I customize the constraints of the design?
For each section, defining of related common constraints is prepared and the user can define its project constraints through some forms easily. Nevertheless, customizing of uncommon special constraints is not prepared and you can contact us in proper to developmental your ideal constraints.
How much cost difference is between typical and optimal designs?
We use techniques that usually optimize your structure up to 20%. However, we cannot propose a general value for all types of structures. Because this topic is heavily influenced by the type of structure and first design. For this reason, in some sectors, the payment amount is calculated in terms of the optimized amount of the structure.
Which constraints are considered for reinforced concrete structures?
Strength , serviceability and ductility criteria derive from the design provisions of ACI 318-08 . Also, geometric constraints are considered that contains dimensional limits for beams and columns, minimum and maximum area of longitudinal reinforcements and some constructional criteria for connections.
How do you calculate the weight of reinforcements in concrete structures?
Flexural, shear and torsional reinforcement is considered based on a program analysis results for beams and defined section for columns..It may increase after detail design related to rebar anchor, development length and cover system.
How do you compute the story drift?
According to the ASCE7-16,the story drifts are computed as the difference of the lateral load deflections at the center of mass between the two story (for regular structures). Although the analytical period for each structure can be considered for calculating lateral load, but this feature is not considered and lateral load is considered fixed.For SAP2000 model the points (center of mass) must be assigned in a group (Group-Disp) and drift is controlled only for these points.
Pricing Plans
  • Model-Based Apps
  • Up to 500 elements
  • Up to 10 Models
  • Parametric-Based Apps
  • Small Models
  • Up to 50 Models
  • Model-Based Apps
  • Up to 1.000 elements
  • Up to 15 Models
  • Parametric-Based Apps
  • Medium Models
  • Up to 100 Models
  • Model-Based Apps
  • Up to 2.000 elements
  • Up to 20 Models
  • Parametric-Based Apps
  • Large Models
  • Up to 200 Models
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